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“We would use Coleman Creek again in a heartbeat. For their integrity and standards, we recommend them highly.”

We hired Coleman Creek Construction for our bath remodel (complete gutting of a 60’s bathroom with all the expected surprises and challenges) and upgrades to two bedrooms. Bedrooms needed a number of repairs, improvements and finishes including new windows, skylights, patio door.

From our initial contact until the last walk-through Michael and his crew – from office staff to the job site – were exceptional. All work was finished to high standards, on time and within our budget. John, Brian, Fidel and Tammy were key staff who were a privilege to work with.

But most impressive was the ongoing clear communication. Even when inevitable glitches occurred, Michael often personally explained options and walked us through good solutions. He was calm, honest, and supportive in every way. Brian managed so many things and kept in touch about every detail.

We love the finished product! Our new bathroom is a perfect realization of our vision. The upgraded bedrooms are repaired, weatherized, finished, and transformed. Thank you to Coleman Creek for going beyond expectations.

We would use Coleman Creek again in a heartbeat. For their integrity and standards, we recommend them highly.

Ken and Jeannine Royce
Ashland, Oregon
exterior-b&aLet’s face it. When remodeling a home that’s over 100 years old, you know you’re going to have some curves thrown at you. In our case, we were very lucky because Michael Hodgin, owner of Coleman Creek Construction, knew what to expect. During his 25 years in the construction business, he’s seen it all. The Coleman Creek staff found solutions to any and all of the issues that we encountered with our old house and they got them resolved quickly and easily. They also helped us with everything from picking out flooring and tile to choosing lighting fixtures and appliances. They were there for us every step of the way. They were just as passionate about this project as my wife and I. They shared a commitment to make this home a real showplace. No cutting corners…No surprises.

Michael and his crew exceeded our expectations. They established a budget for the project and they kept to it (no surprises). They also stuck to the construction schedule they had promised us.

The Coleman Creek construction crew is first class and so are the subcontractors they use (they only use the best). Thank you to Coleman Creek Construction for giving us our dream home. We absolutely adore it! You guys did a fantastic job!

Larry & Deborah Lapkin
Ashland, OR
Paul-Winans-Remodel-Farmhouse-AshlandDear Michael, I am writing to you as part of the wrap-up process of the remodel of the home you and your company, Coleman Creek Construction, did for us. It is great to be at the end of the this process!

You listened to us very well. I acknowledge that we were different than many of your clients, given that we had run our own remodeling company for 29 years. We brought a ton of information and ideas to the whole process of having the design and remodel done. You did not see this as a problem; in fact you saw it as an opportunity for you and your business. You were open to all we brought to the table, even if it was not the way you had done things before.

You were committed to getting things done right. I did inspect the work very closely, both as it was being done and when it was completed. Anything that I brought to your attention you addressed in a responsible way that made us feel we were in good hands. I also respect the fact that you did tell us what you could not do anything about. Begin clear about such issues made our working relationship a true working partnership, with nothing being swept under the carpet.

Your team was a great group of people. So much of our remodeled home is as wonderful as it is because of the people you engaged to get the work done. Chris and Brian, the finish carpentry subcontractors, were exceptional. Their interest in getting it done right was very reassuring to me, particularly since we were only visting fromt he Bay Area once a month. John’s work on the cabinetry was good as well. His ability to talk through the detailing, etc., and his interest in doing so was great.

As part of the process of doing our project with you we have gotten to know you better. You are a very good person who is open to learning and growing, not stuck in a rut of “but that is the way we have always done it!” Talking with you about all that was involved in getting the project done was a pleasure instead of a burden.

We look forward to doing our next project with you and to referring you to people who want the pleasure of working with a very good general contractor.

Paul and Nina Winans
Ashland, Oregon

“Coleman Creek does excellent work, stays on budget, finishes projects on time and the employees come to work with a smile and clean up after themselves.”

cc-Living_rm1I wholeheartedly recommend Michael and Coleman Creek Construction. Our experience with him exceeded our expectations. Great communicator, very honest and straightforward, respectful of our budget and wishes, while trying to give us the highest quality possible. Michael has a deep and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the building process, thinking of all the details and keeping things on track as much as is possible in this industry. He has great integrity, quick to find a solution to whatever problem, always keeping his word, making right anything we were unhappy with. Offering thought out options and alternatives to give us the most home for the money we were able to spend. I am now the proud owner of the most beautiful home I can imagine and I cannot thank Michael enough for the quality of the home and the quality of our experience working with him. He was worth even more than we paid him in my estimation.
Scott Roberts & Cynthia Wright
Medford, Oregon

“They truly are the nicest, kindest, most honest people you could ever trust your home to.”

We highly recommend Michael and his crew at Coleman Creek Construction. Their knowledge, insight, and craftsmanship are unparalleled in the construction world. Our remodeled rooms are gorgeous. They carefully and creatively worked within our budget. They always finished on or before schedule, were very careful to protect our belongings while they worked, and best of all, they truly are the nicest, kindest, most honest people you could ever trust your home to.
Jeffrey and Michelle Nagel
Ashland, Oregon
I hired Coleman Creek Construction to re-side my house in the summer of 2009. Michael returned my phone call promptly and scheduled a meeting. After agreeing on the scope of the project and getting a price, his crew started work on my house in July. His crew is professional, came to work on time, and always cleaned up at the end of the day. Michael and I met weekly to discuss the progress of the project. The construction turned into installing 2 new sliding glass doors, a remodel of the front of the garage and new garage door, and an new single light kitchen door, as well as residing the outside of the house. The project was completed in a timely manner and for the cost agreed. The end product is great!!! In dealing with Michael and his crew, I found them very honest and highly skilled, two characteristics one wants in contractors. I highly recommend Coleman Creek Construction for any project.
Swirl Alexander
Ashland, Oregon
meeting2We both knew from our first meeting with Michael, Bill and Tammy that they were the ones we wanted to build our home. We had interviewed other builders and architects before meeting with them and there was absolutely no comparison. We were treated as people and not just as another client. Their first and only desire was that we ended up with the home that we desired and they spent the time necessary getting to know us so that they could better guide us through the building process and ultimately bring our vision to life. We could not have been happier from the very first meeting to the time that we moved into our home. The excellent quality of the craftsmanship is evident throughout our home and we welcome anyone who would like to see the quality first-hand. We cannot recommend Coleman Creek Construction highly enough to anyone who is interested in any aspect of their building project.
Richard & Millie Anderson
Ashland, Oregon
We can’t speak highly enough of our experience with Coleman Creek Construction.  Everything was so easy, even though we were not local while the job was taking place. Basecamp made communication with Michael and the job supervisors so easy.  We couldn’t be happier. We give glowing recommendations to everyone we speak with in the community about the remodel.  In considering future work on the home, Coleman Creek will be the first call we make…so tell Michael to be ready for more work!”
Larry Smith
Ashland, Oregon

“Michael has a deep and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the building process.”

helman-kit2baWithout hesitation, we would highly recommend Coleman Creek Construction. We purchased a 100 year old fixer upper near downtown Ashland, OR. We lived out of state at the time and searched online for local contractors. Eventually, we narrowed it down to four contractors, and called them all. Three of them were booked with projects but they all recommended Michael Hodgin’s Coleman Creek Construction! How’s that for a referral! Luckily, Michael had recently had a cancellation and could fit us in. I met with Michael on site and discussed the scope of the project. I knew right away that he was the man for the job. He was a very attentive listener and definitely very experienced. His draftsman, Bill, came through the house, took measurements and drew up plans. His hardworking crew were respectful and skilled. They gutted the entire house and later rebuilt it. Since we were out of state, we held video conferences where we could all look at the 3D model of our house and the remodeling plans. After the general layout was finalized, Michael walked us through the tedious process of deciding on the countless finishes – from bathroom fixtures to swicthplates, windows to countertops. With our budget in mind, he was able to guide us to reliable local sources for appliances and other outside contractors.

We are very, very pleased with how everything turned out and impressed with the quality of the work. If you are looking for an honest, intelligent and experienced contractor (who is also a great jazz guitarist, btw) look no further.

Brian & Jen Rogers
Ashland, Oregon
The 1st important factor why we chose Coleman Creek over other contractors was a glowing recommendation by our real estate agent. The 2nd was the meeting I had with Michael to talk about the project. He was extremely knowledgeable and prompt in getting us a proposal. As we walked thru the house to talk about what needed to be done, he was very observant, asked great questions, and was experienced in numerous areas of construction.

We had just bought a house that hadn’t been lived in for 6 years and was 40 years old. It needed much work both inside and out. We were also considering some significant remodeling options. The size of the overall project was too overwhelming for me to consider doing it myself.

We appreciated the conscientious manner in which Michael worked. We could walk thru the house and list a number of little and big items that needed attention and behold as the project progressed, they were completed. Also, he consulted with us many times about options in repairing damage or in performing some alteration; he was very clear in his analysis and steps to be taken. Michael is also very knowledgeable about who to call in when outside expertise is needed. He has a wealth of contacts and knows who to recommend based on his experience working with other professional over the years.

The team was very considerate, cleaned up after themselves, were pleasant to be around, and all were very competent at what they did, and were conscientious about their work, and they worked as a team. The site manager was especially skilled at keeping things on track and making sure that the little things were not forgotten. Michael was very patient with our decision-making process and flexible as the project unfolded and we made some changes in what we were wanting.

I highly recommend Michael and the Coleman Creek team. You cannot go wrong, you will be very pleased with the process, and in the end will enjoy the result immensely.

Dakota Otto
Talent, Oregon
cambridge-kitchen8Michael Hodgin and his crew are professional, skilled, detail oriented, and respectful of their clients wishes. Michael always listened to our ideas and found creative solutions to our needs. He made sure the design was complete, appliances were picked, and the budget was finalized before he started any work on our home to ensure we were completely comfortable before he began the actual construction project. We hired Michael for an interior remodel of our home which included raising the living/dining/kitchen ceiling, adding a new pantry/laundry room, remodeling the kitchen and two bathrooms, plus various other interior improvements. We really appreciated his dedication to helping us stick to our budget and his ability to complete the project in a timely manner. We were able to move back home the week he promised and I know that doesn’t always happen when working with contractors!
Shelagh Forrester
Ashland, Oregon
When I moved to Ashland and was ready to have extensive work done on my new home, I interviewed several contractors. Coleman Creek was suggested to me with the recommendation that Michael returns calls and keeps his appointments. These are true facts, and there are more. Coleman Creek does excellent work, stays on budget, finishes projects on time and the employees come to work with a smile and clean up after themselves. Once the work is completed, Michael follows up later in the year to make sure there are no concerns. Happy to recommend, or to show their finished product.
Louise Shawkat
Ashland, Oregon