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Ductless Mini-split

Ductless mini-split systems provide quiet and even air distribution, ensuring optimal heating and cooling comfort year-round, while cutting costs.

Coleman Creek Construction is a full service, one-stop installation and maintenance company for mini-split systems in the Rogue Valley.

The mini-split system allows for the heating and cooling of specific rooms or areas, eliminates the need for duct work and saves you money.

Benefits of a ductless system:

  • You can heat and cool your home for a fraction of the cost of baseboard, wall and ceiling heat, or electric furnaces. You could enjoy a 25% – 50% savings over electric heating costs.
  • Mini-split systems distribute air more efficiently, which means more comfortable living areas. This is ideal for open floor plans.
  • The multi-zone feature allows you to heat and cool rooms to different temperatures. This means you aren’t spending money heating or cooling rooms that don’t get a lot of use, and it also means family members can make personal spaces comfortable to their own preferences.
  • Built-in air purification absorbs allergy-causing elements and distributes healthier air. And unlike central air & heating systems, mini-split systems do not have dust and allergen-collecting ducts.
  • Because the systems are so energy-efficient, local utilities are offering incentives to switch from electric to ductless, and you may also be eligible for a tax credit from the State.

“Absolutely love it!”

“My old home had electric baseboard heat and a pellet stove that was temperamental. Coleman Creek came and installed a mini-split system and I was amazed how they figured out a solution to install in my old home with minimal demolition. Not only has my monthly electric bill gone down significantly, but my overall comfort is vastly improved.  There were certain areas of my house  that I didn’t heat because they would never get warm enough.  Now I program my thermostat and only heat the areas that I use. I can’t believe how fast the space heats up. Absolutely love it!”

-Michael, Ashland

How do these things work?

A slim, low profile condensing unit located outside the house conveys hot or cold energy through small copper tubing to each indoor ‘head’ in the home.

These heads can be wall-mounted units, or they can be recessed into the ceiling for a non-obtrusive look.  And because this indoor head conditions only the air in the room in which it’s located, there is very little energy wasted travelling through ductwork and heating rooms that aren’t even being used.

A mini-split system is capable of connecting up to 8 of these indoor units to a single outdoor unit, allowing a homeowner to have a truly multi-zoned heating and cooling system that saves energy and money.

Coleman Creek Construction is one of the only full service mini-split installation providers in Southern Oregon.

A remodel is a perfect time to install a mini-split because we can incorporate it into the job scope at minimal extra expense. Also, bulky air handlers and ducts can be removed, resulting in extra useable square footage.  In new construction we can consult during design to optimize the system and plan for the most efficient and visually-appealing installation.

Doing a retrofit can be more of a challenge, but this is where our knowledge of home construction comes into play.  We use our expertise to design a system that works best for the home in its current condition, and we have the capacity to take care of the whole process from beginning to end, including dealing with drywall repair, touch up painting, and so on.  Not every local installer is able to provide that kind of one-stop service.

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