A beautiful, inviting home doesn’t happen by accident.

It’s the product of a talented designer and an experienced builder working together to bring your vision into reality.

Coleman Creek Construction provides both and more!

“The Coleman Creek staff found solutions to any and all of the issues that we encountered with our old house and they got them resolved quickly and easily. They also helped us with everything from picking out flooring and tile to choosing lighting fixtures and appliances. They were there for us every step of the way. They were just as passionate about this project as my wife and I. They shared a commitment to make this home a real showplace. No cutting corners…No surprises.”
– Larry & Deborah Lapkin, Ashland

“Their first and only desire was that we ended up with the home that we desired and they spent the time necessary getting to know us so that they could better guide us through the building process and ultimately bring our vision to life.”
– Richard & Millie Anderson, Ashland

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Go Ductless!

Coleman Creek Construction is now offering complete mini-split heating & cooling system installations.

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